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Nashville Urban Farm

Nashville Urban Farm provides onsite garden consultation services and educational outreach through classes and workshops. -Chris & Katie Childs

Our Story
After learning about the dangers of our ‘modern food system’, we realized it was time to start growing our own food. Knowing almost nothing about gardening, we decided to plant our first seed almost 9 years ago! Since that time, we have had the opportunity to learn best practices and techniques from hours of research, directly from local experts, and from our own trial and error.

Our homestead started with only a few raised garden beds and grew to a larger scale that included rain barrels, a 3 stage composting system, urban chickens, edible and medicinal herbs, wildflowers, native plants, fruit trees, brambles, strawberries, perennial vegetables, cold frames and a hoop house.

After learning these important skills for our family, we feel it is now our duty to teach others how they can grow their own food too.

How We Do It
We always practice sustainable gardening methods and never use chemicals, herbicides or pesticides of any kind. We implement a blend of permaculture, biodynamic and organic gardening techniques.

We Believe…

+Everyone should have access to fresh, organic, locally grown food.

+ The knowledge for growing your own food should be freely available and shared with the community.

+The answer to improving the ‘modern food system’ is to support local farmers and businesses that strive to make the world a better place.

+ Unused city land should be made available for community gardens which are cultivated and improved using sustainable, organic methods.

+ In giving back to local non-profits, charities and causes who are dedicated to improving the health and wellbeing of our communities. 

Our mission is to help support the healthy and sustainable development of Nashville and the surrounding communities through education and outreach programs, with a focus on teaching our community how to care for the earth and grow their own food.

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We conduct onsite consultations to help people learn how to maximize their growing space and also feature classes and workshops taught by local experts on a wide variety of subjects including; organic gardening, composting, forest gardening, permaculture, beekeeping, raising chickens, seed saving and so much more!

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Have gardening questions? Just want to grab coffee? Send us a message, we would love to hear from you!