Landscape, garden wastes and kitchen food wastes can account for up to 20 percent of the materials often disposed of in landfills. As harmless as these materials may seem, they add unwanted moisture to the landfill and can create landfill gases that are explosive.

These materials also take up a lot of valuable space in a landfill. With fewer landfills and the difficultly and expense of siting new facilities, it just doesn’t make sense to dispose of these beneficial organic materials.

Compost is very similar to organic matter found in high quality, productive soils and when incorporated into the garden, increases soil quality. It adds decomposed organic material that slowly breaks down, providing nutrients to plants. Organic matter also holds water in the soil, an important reason for adding compost to sandy soils with rapid drainage. With organic matter added, clayey soils drain better and become less sticky and easier to work. Composting garden and kitchen wastes means smaller demand on shrinking landfill space. With compost providing soil nutrients, fewer fertilizers are required, saving money and energy.

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