1796828689576Urban Farming encompasses all aspects of resourceful food gardening and production in an urban setting. It includes fruit trees, herb gardens, raised bed vegetable gardens, composting, chickens, bees, cob ovens, outdoor kitchens, natural building, and much more! It doesn’t have to be at your home, it includes community gardens found in your neighborhood.

The recent local food movement has inspired many city dwellers to begin seeing food growing potential all around them. A grass covered lawn can quickly begin producing food. Whether you only have a balcony, patio or half an acre, you can grow fresh, organic food right where you live. Practicing sustainable, organic farming techniques also helps improve the environment and adds value to currently unproductive city land.

There are many benefits to Urban Farming. It allows people to know where their food came from and gives them control over how it is grown. Urban Farming helps children to connect with nature and builds relationships in the community as people share their harvest with neighbors. Surplus produce can help put an end to ‘food deserts’ where people currently have no source of fresh, organic food.

When you choose to start an Urban Farm, you become part of the local food system and can make a huge impact on improving Nashville!